Tableau - LOD Target Calcluations

Create a rep score card visualizing target vs actual sales

Step 1: Create a calculated field in Tableau called "Amount - Target" and type

                [Amount] - [Target]

Step 2: Add "Amount - Target" to the both the column shelf and color shelf and add "Rep Name" to row shelf

Step 3: Convert "Amount -Target" to a continuous (green) measure if needed

Step 4: Right click on "Rep Name" in the Rows shelf and select:

  • sort
  • sort order: Descending
  • sort by: Field -> Amount - Target
  • Aggregation: Sum

Step 5: Select Apply and then Ok

Reflect: The top sales rep in this chart is doing super well. But how realistic are the targets? Perhaps they need to be adjusted by the manager. To view targets set by each rep:

Step 6: Add "Sales Rep Targets" to Detail

Step 7: Select Analytics in the top left and d rag reference line to cell. In the pop up menu:

  • Change the Value to SUM(Sales Rep Target) and hit ok

Step 8: Replace "Amount-Target" in the column shelf with "Sales Rep Amount"

Step 9: Type ctrl + w to swap the rows and columns

Option: Change the color to show blue if the rep has hit his/her target or red if they have not:

Step 10: Create a calculated field in Tableau called "Target Hit" and type:

               If [Amount - Target] > 0 THEN "yes" ELSE "no" END

Step 11: Drag "Target Hit" to the color shelf and double click on color to edit the colors.

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