Tableau - Date Differences

Find the difference between two dates using DATEDIFF

                    DATEDIFF(date_part, start_date, end_date, [start_of_week])

The date_part can be:

  • day
  • week
  • month
  • quarter
  • year

[start_of_week] is an optional parameter which can be any day of the week (i.e "Monday", "Tuesday", etc)


Find the number of months between two specified dates

                    DATEDIFF('month',#2017-07-01#, #2017-09-01#)

Find the number of days between two specified dates

                    DATEDIFF('day',#2017-01-01# , TODAY())

Some tips:

  • Change data type to date
  • Change data type to discrete

DATEDIFF with DATETRUNC lets you track date differences without hard coding a specific date.

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