POWER BI: Tables and Matrices

The Basics:

Just like in Excel, you can display data in a table or a matrix. A matrix is similar to a pivot table in excel. You can drag data fields into both rows or columns.

How to make:

  • table visual

  • Under visualizations, select table or matrix.
  • Drag data fields into Values.

In format, under visualizations you can change the table style, grids, font size, etc to customize the table you created.

  • format

Power BI Table/Matrix with one Dimension:
Fig 1-a: If you have only one dimension, exporters, then tables and matrices are the same.
Conditional Formating

To create a matrix or table with conditional formating:

  • conditional formating

  • Select value to format
  • Select Conditional Formating
  • Choose desired formating colors or range
Power BI Matrix with two dimensions:

This matrix allows for comparison of two categories at the same time. For example, we can quickly gain insight that Candy E in the New England region had the highest return on investment over the full date range. Similarly, it is quick to spot which combination of region and product is doing poorly. Using the date filter allows you to see how these values change over time.

Additional Comments:

See also: video on creating tables in power bi

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