POWER BI: Scatter Plots

The Basics:

Scatter plots (aka scatter graphs, or scatter diagrams) is a graph that plots two variables to see how they are related. The relationship between these two variables can be linear (ie. y = mx + b) or non linear (ie. y = x^2).

Power BI Demo:

Below are some examples of scatter plots using POWER BI. The graphs are interactive and you can slice the data by team or player position. Scrolling over the data points will give you information about the player such as salary, goals, assists, points, and earnings per point. We can see that there is a a fairly weak relationship between goals scored and salary. There is also a color saturation applied on the points scored (higher points, darker color). You can expand the graph below at the bottom.

Fig 1-a: Scatter plot: Goals scored vs Player Salary. Visual filter for team and position.
  • Plots goals scored vs salary for each player
  • Includes a slicer for teams and position
  • Includes a color saturation based on points
Fig 1-b: Earnings per point. This gives us an idea of the most overpaid players of the 2015/2016 NHL season
  • Includes a newly defined measure which is $/point
  • Lets you spot visible outliers in the data
Additional comments:

Scrolling over the highest data point, we can see that Tuomo Ruutu got paid $5MM per point in his 2015/2016 NHL season! The above scatter plots only shows data for players who had at least one point.

Download the data set

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