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" Sal my instructor was really funny and thought me everything I needed to know for my practical exam! Pass first try! "


" After numerous unsuccessful attempts I was finally able to pass my Exam! Thank you and great support. "

Defensive and safe driving

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Drive Confident in all conditions.

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Keys to Success

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Critical Exam Knowledge

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Expert Instructors

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Save Money on Insurance

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100% Pass Guarantee

Engaging classroom style instructions

Friendly, Patient Teachers

Practice Exams and Exam Tips

1-1 Expert and experienced Instruction

Practice car provided (optional)

Covers all common test scenarios

Groups or invidual instruction

1-1 Expert and experienced Instruction

Motorcycle provided (optional)

Goes over all common exam situations

Save money on insurance

High student success pass rate

Defensive and safe driving

Covers all common exam scenarious

Discounts on insurance rates

Experienced Trucking instructors

Prepare for the job

Learn the most difficult maneoveurs

Tons of practice scenarios

Getting back on the road

Managing habits and risks

Review safe and defensive driving

1-1 and group counselling.

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