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Before you start

Starting out to learn something new can be both fun and exciting. It can also be overwhelming especially with an evolving and large ecosystem like javascript. Luckily, there is some amazing free or low cost resources out there.

If you are keen on web development and want to work for a tech company as a developer, create web apps, or build interactive website using modern technologies like React, Angular or Vue than learning Javascript is prerequsiste.

There are some great free resources to learning javascript. Youtube is a great resource for learning javascript, especially if you are just wanting to get your feet wet or just poke around. However, I recommend taking a online course as well, as that really has a lot of info well constructed and put together in one place. This saves you time, and gets you information in a consistent manner.

Javascript moves quickly. There are many old videos and resources out there, while correct, teach some outdated methods. Some of these are important to know still as you might encounter them "in the wild". (ie in some library documentation) However, I recommend to go with a course or resource that is relatively new, ie. 2022 or 2023 with a lot of good reviews.

As with any language or skill, it is important to practice lots on your own, create your own projects and learn from a variety of different resources and platforms. Don't get stuck with the mentality of "this is the only way to do things" as that will only make you a 1 dimensional and limited developer.

Remember to check the last updated dates of courses or online resources. Things move quickly in web development and you don't want to be learning outdated technology or methods

Free or Low Cost Resources (updated 2019)

Youtube Channels

  • Traversy Media

    Traversy media is an amazing youtube channel on web development and programming. It covers a large array of topics by Brad Traversy who is extremely knowledgeable especially on Javascript and related frameworks.
    See Traversy Media
  • Mosh Hamedani

    Mosh is a really great instructor who shares his knowledge on youtube, Udemy and his personal site, see below:
    See Programming with Mosh

Udemy Courses

  • The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects! By Jonas Schmedtmann

    This pure javascript course really does a deeper dive into javascript. You will create web apps using just pure javascript and will not just prep you but also give an appreciation of the heavy lifting that the javascript frameworks/libraries like React and Angular give.
    See The Complete Javascript Course
  • Modern JavaScript From The Beginning By Brad Traversy

    Brad Traversy's no-nonsense, straight to the point teaching style will get you up to speed with Javascript and modern web development faster than any other resource in my opinion. If you are looking for a deeper dive into javascript, I would recommend the above course by Jonas or his MERN stack course.
    See The Complete Javascript Course

Other Websites

  • Khan Academy computer programming

    Khan Academy is one of the largest online learning websites. It's style is geared toward grades k-12, but adults can learn a lot from it to, especially if you are just starting out. The best part is it keeps track of your learning and gives you points and encouragment along the way!
  • W3 Schools

    I recommend W3 schools as a javascript/programming resource for beginners. This site has a ton of information, and will get you familiar with reading online javascript code and documentation that you try out yourself.
  • MDN

    My current go to online resource and the resource for many developers and the gold standard is MDN. MDN can be intimidating starting out, but reading through there docs is a good way to learn javascript and best practices and is a great complimentary resource to online courses.

This list is by no means a complete or comprehensive list in any sense. It is a trimmed down list I recommend based on dozens of resources and courses I am familiar with or have taken related to beginner web development and javascript programming.

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