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How to use Amazon Affiliates in your Blog

Posted by aquasar on Dec 21st, 2019

Amazon Affiliates for Noobs?

The amazon affiliates program is a great way to start making some extra money on your site whether you are a blogger, a developer or an entreprenuer. The process is simple, you have to register and sign up for the affiliates program which is free. They will give you several different scripts and codes on your site which you can then embedd.

In this article, I will be covering product linking which is the fastest and easiest way to get started and will work for any simple html site. In fact it is tailored toward these sites as opposed to React Apps or other SPAs. For those sites the API may be more appropriate and I will be covering that in a later article

How it Works

Let's imagine you are running a successful blog for "vegan nutritional products". A niche market for which you have started to build up a following and traffic towards your site. Because you put a lot of time, effort and dedication towards your site and writing articles you probably want to monetize that at some point, while still keeping the content for your readers free.

There is a few different options for that such as Google Adsense which displays ads on your site, but for this particular case Product Linking via Amazon is potentially far more lucrative, more user friendly and relevant to your reader base

Product Linking Overview

The Amazon Affiliates platform will give you many different product links, widgets and tools which you can use to help you build your Affiliate Ecommerce Site or Blog. You put these links and widgets on your site and when users go to Amazon from the links and widgets on your site and purchase a product, you will end up a commission!

That's right! Amazon will pay you to show their products on your site. No fees or other commissions. The only thing you need to know is how to make a website and injects these tags or scripts onto your site.

Turn Off Ad Blocker!

Before we get started with Product Links, make sure that AdBlocker is turned off. That is something that you must keep in mind if you decide to use Amazon Affiliates. The products will only render if AdBlocker is turned off!

Currently, there is a few technical ways around this such as forcing your users to turn adblocker off on their browser. For now we will not worry about this. If you are interested, the number of users using AdBlock can be found here

Our Very First Product Link

Under the product links tab in Amazon Associates you can search for products by keyword or ISBN number. I am going to search for Vega. Here I see that I can get a link for a all the Vega Products that are currently on Amazon. Once I get this link I will need to copy and paste it into my site to where I want to render it. I am going to choose the link below. It should look something like this!

For styling, you are limited to what is given in the customized link section on the associates website. I like to use a larger image and make sure that the "Open Link in a new Window" option is checked off and that I am showing all the prices. You can also choose to show image only without text.

Promotional Links

There are several types of promo links you can use. They work similar to Product Links but are not "on branding" in a sense that the products might not be related to your branding

The links are Easy Links, Gift Certificates and Rotating Banner Campaigns. The advantages of using these links, is that they give you more flexibility in terms of sizes to choose from. See some examples below

Amazon Gift Card

I think the Amazon gift card is a pretty good one to try on your site if you have a wide range of products or are writing about last minute gift ideas for those people who are difficult to buy for. If you like this blog and are planning on purchasing a Amazon gift card, please consider doing so through this link!

Rotating Banner

This one, has the feel of a Google AdSense ad. They will change with each site reload or from time to time using Amazon's Algorithm for "high performing" banner ads

Link to Any Amazon Page

With these tools of linking to any Amazon page, we give the user more landing page options to the Amazon site. These is useful if you want to filter down the products a user sees when they first go to Amazon. There are three options:

  • Link to Favourite Destinations
  • Link to Search Results
  • Link to Any Page at Amazon

Links to Favourite Destinations
Below is an example of Favourite Destination Links for Several Book Categories

As shown above, "Link to Favourite Desinations" allow you to select a product line and a subcategory from a predefined dropdown based on your Product Line selection. In my case it was books with the sub categories shown above. The user will then be directed to popular pages on Amazon based on the Product Line / Sub Category combo chosen.

Links to Search Results
Smart Watches Vega Suppliments Apple

If you want to get more granular, "Link to Search Results" shown above lets you choose your product line and then enter keywords related to the items within the product line of choice. In the first example above my query was "Smart" and the product line was "Watches". This gives a link for all Smart Watches

Links to Any Page on Amazon

This one is very simple. Enter the URL from Amazon that you want on your website and name your link accordingly. I want mine to go the the "Daily Deal" and "Buy Your Product Again" page since I think both of these pages will be high convertors.

The Amazon Search Widget

The Amazon Search Widget lets a user search for Amazon products on your site. There is a few different styling options you can do

Search Bar Widget

Dark Theme Search

Search with Custom Placeholeder

There is a few other options and styling you can play around with, such as color and size settings. If it is auto, it will assume the width of the parent container it is in.

Your Picks Widget

There is some more options for other kinds of widgets such as Carousel and Slideshow Widgets. Under the slideshow and carousel widgets you simply add products to show an your Widget from Amazon. From here you can choose widgets sizes, gallery or scrolling and different transition effects. Below is the default plain vanilla slideshow widget.

The downside of using these type of widgets is that on Chrome and other browsers, users will need to enable Adobe Flash on their site. That is pretty old technology, and not user friendly. For that reason, I don't recommend to user these Widgets or otherwise use them sparingly.

Tracking My Earning and How I get paid

Tracking your earnings is easy. It is found under the Reports Section in your Amazon Associates account. Here you will have some graphs showing which or your links performed the best and your total earning over any given period of time. It will also show click, conversions and returned items. This dashboard is awesome as you can look over your earning overtime and see which links you should be using based on your site and how your store is trending overtime.

To get paid, you need to fill out your banking details. If you are not sure about certain field such as routing number, you will need to contact your bank to find that out

There is some other handy information links such as operating agreement, program policies and advertising fee schedule. The payout for Amazon Affiliates if 60 days, meaning that you will get paid for September earnings at the end of December.


This was a quick overview on how to get started with Amazon Affiliates using Product Linking and Widgets. These types of tools are best for HTML and PHP sites where it is easy to insert custom javascript into the html. If you are using SPA like React, Angular or Vue and want to insert them into a component you will need to do some custom configuration depending on the Widget or Product Link used. For SPA or larger sites, the Product Advertising API might be a better option. For these you will need to have a least three products ordered from your site in 180 days and get a manual review/audit of your site by Amazon. I plan to cover APIs in my next article.

If you find this article useful, please consider supporting me by buying from Amazon from one of the links below. If you require assistance in setting up Amazon Affliates on your site or need a business, please contact me at We have affordable and friendly rates and want to help grow your online presence.

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