Tableau - Customer Order Frequency

The task is to count the number of customers who have made 1 order, 2 orders and so on.

Step 1: Create a new calculated field in Tableau called "Orders By Customer" and type

                    {FIXED [Customer Name] : COUNTD([Order ID])}

Step 2: Drag "Orders By Customer" to Columns and "Customer Name" to Rows

Step 3: Right click "Customer Name" and select Measure -> Count (Distinct)

Step 4: Right click "Orders By Customer" and select Dimension

Step 5: Right click "Orders By Customer" and select Discrete

Step 6: Right click "Orders By Customer" and select Sort

Step 7: Sort Order Descending and Sort By Field "Customer Name with Aggregration as Count (Distinct)

Step 8: Edit the tool tip by clearing the default and replacing with:

                    <CNTD(Customer Name)> customers have made <Orders By Customer> orders

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