POWER BI: Modeling

Calculate Function:

Example Formulas:

Write the following measures in the formula bar:

              ROI = DIVIDE(
              ROI Range = SWITCH(
              AND([ROI]>=0, [ROI]<=0.6), "Between 0% and 60%",
              AND([ROI]>0.60, [ROI]<=0.7), "Between 60% and 70%",
              AND([ROI]>0.70, [ROI]<=0.8), "Between 70% and 80%",
              AND([ROI]>0.80, [ROI]<=0.9), "Between 80% and 90%",
              AND([ROI]>0.90, [ROI]<=1.0), "Between 90% and 100%",
              "greater than 100%"
Power BI Demo:


This sample report shows how the switch function works. By selecting a specific business type, a different ROI message will result based on the ROI over the last 4 months.

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