Additional Projects


Blurring the lines between analyst and developer since 2016. I have created a number of web development side projects and have a few permanent websites currently floating around the web.

Currently, I am a freelance developer and analyst. I develop websites, create business dashboards and find ways to make certain tasks or jobs more efficient and autonomous. If you are interested in learning more, give me a shout. I am always open to opportunities.

Contact Me is a fullstack website created using the MERN stack (Mongo, Express, React/Redux, and Node). Features include creating a profile with your related skills and experiences, a post section similar to a simplified facebook feed, a featured courses section inspired by Udemy and a articles section where users can create articles through a CMS ( content management system) via Contentful. Custom built and designed from the ground up using best CSS practices with heavy use of SCCS, CSS grids, flex box and the BEM method ( Block Element Modifier ) to keep code clean modular and organized. Along with this site, it is my most complete project to date and is a site I want to keep growing and adding additional features to

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Realty Inc

This site is based on Brad Traversey's Django Project Course on Udemy. This project got me up to speed with creating a mini Django app with it's own CRM/Admin area. Django is a powerful framework that works quite well out of the box. In just a few days I was able to create a property search listings app that reminded me of sites like . In the near future, I plan to do a larger custom project around Python. Working with Python has also inspired me to dabble in some data science/analysis and machine learning which I can apply at my current job.

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My Venue

My Venue is a simple React site created with the Material UI framework and is one of my first react projects after creating the famous react Tic Tac Toe starter project. It resembles a landing page for an upcoming concert. Simplicity was the key factor in this project and even the deployment was quick and easy using a lovely tool called Surge to push this front end only static website.

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Recipe App Club

I hope this next site doesn't make you too hungry. Using a powerful recipe api EDAMAM to fetch and render amazing recipes to the user. The hardest part of making this site was resisting not getting up to constantly grab a snack. For some extra practice I decided to use custom css again rather than a css theme like bootstrap as I love having full control over the styling from the ground up.

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YEG Drives

YEG Drives is a sample custom built site. It mimics a landing page for a driving lesson company and uses the best practices SCSS web design and the BEM (block element modifier) method for HTML markup.

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React City

React City is a sample project based on Coding Revolution's React Practice Course it uses Google Firebase (baas) as a backend to store data. This project really taught me a lot. One of the most important takeaways was the heavy use of React Libraries to simplify and shorten development time. I also got to dabble with Firebase, which is something I probably might not use again but does not hurt to know. Some features include signup and authentication to a custom admin area where you can add players and set matches. While this project is visually stunning, a major drawback is the it is not mobile friendly. The point of this project however was to learn React, making it mobile friendly wouldn't not be too hard but quite time consuming and involve many additional css media queries.

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